For spoken will rate your combos as Devil May Cry


Forspoken will include over 100 spells and abilities — and you’ll want to learn how to use them in tandem because it includes a Devil May Cry style combo scoring system.

In a Gamescom gameplay video exclusive to IGN, we see a series of combat encounters showing how the heroine of the game Frey switches between spells on the fly and uses combos to destroy groups of enemies. The game makes it very clear that you are judged on the effectiveness of using spells — the counter is counted from rank D to A, with experience multipliers offered for successes.

The game raises your scores in a number of categories: from using certain spells that enemies are vulnerable to, combining multiple spells together, dodging enemies with parkour, switching spells in the middle of a fight, and apparently much more.

It seems that there will also be something to work on. In the introductory video, Rayo Mitsuno from Luminous Productions said, “The basis of Forspoken gameplay is exciting action. Having mastered more than 100 different spells and abilities of Frey, you will be able to enjoy powerful combat, exciting and intuitive magical parkour. and various missions.”

The gameplay itself demonstrates a huge number of combos, from catching enemies in a floating bubble that you can burst with piercing attacks, to using a jet of water to take off into the air and sniper shooting with fire attacks from above. There’s also a shot of Frey apparently using an ice surfboard to dodge a waterfall, which isn’t a combo, but I really liked it.

After several delays, the release of Forspoken is scheduled for January 24, 2023. The game takes place in the fantasy kingdom of Atia and follows Frey after she was pulled out of modern New York into this mysterious, magical world. In our preview last year, we enjoyed the “non-standard approach to the JRPG formula,” even if the game “maybe just cringes a little.”

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