“…For our community and our history” — the initial reviews of Will Smith’s “Emancipation” reflect strength and hope.


It’s been almost eight months since the infamous Oscar incident between Chris Rock and Will Smith took place. Since that ill-fated night on March 27, it seems that the world has not moved from its place. A day later, we get new news about Chris and Will’s strained relationship. Nevertheless, it finally seems that we will be talking about the actor of King Richard not only about the slap in the face.

Apple recently held a special screening of its new movie “Emancipation,” starring Will Smith. And the initial reviews of the film instantly put Will on the Oscar once again.

Will Smith has received huge praise for his new film “Emancipation.”

The first full-length picture of Will Smith after receiving the Oscar and critique of Chris Rock is already causing a storm of emotions. This weekend, during the 51st Annual legislative conference of the Black Congressional Foundation, Apple held a special screening of the new film directed by Antoine Fuqua “Emancipation” in conjunction with the NAACP.

Smith plays Peter, an enslaved man who flees Louisiana in pursuit of his family and eventually joins the Union Army. The film and Smith were met with enthusiasm, and NAACP President and CEO Derrick Johnson praised them, saying, “I had the pleasure of watching the film #Emancipation and I can’t convey how important it is to OUR community and OUR history. ”

According to Entertainment Weekly, Smith entered into a dialogue with Fuqua and Mary Elliott, curator of the American Slavery department at the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, after a screening that was shown to an audience of social impact leaders.

During the discussion, Will states that he has turned down several films about slavery during his career. But the reason Will decided to do this movie was because it’s not just about slavery. “This is a film about freedom,” the actor said.

If Emancipation draws attention at the Oscars 2023, Smith will be banned from attending the ceremony. After that, the actor was banned from participating in or attending any Academy-related award ceremonies for ten years.

Guys, what do you think about the new movie teaser? Let us know your answers in the comments below.


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