For One-Stop Shopping Throughout The Year, Try Costco For $60 and Get a $30 Store Card Back.


If rationalization and optimization of tasks is your idea of a pleasant pastime, why not transfer this view to your business, making most of your purchases in the same place? From family gifts to essentials and business needs, you can complete most of your to-do list under one roof at Costco.

Costco is a well—known wholesaler with more than 800 warehouses throughout the United States. These warehouses sell goods from inexpensive products to electronics, furniture and much more. You can find offers for famous brands of televisions, computers, watches, tablets, sound panels, speakers, monitors and many other devices. We are talking about models of proven brands, including Sony, Bose, Dell, Apple and Samsung.

You are also not limited to physical locations. Visit to purchase some items with delivery within two days or on the same day.

Costco also offers various forms of insurance and services. Costco works with selected suppliers to offer services for HVAC systems, custom window finishes, carpets, hardwood flooring and more. In addition, you can visit the Costco tire center and install branded tires at the time of purchase. And if all these purchases leave you hungry, take a look at the food court to taste hot baked chicken or pizza. Don’t forget to fill up the car with gasoline for the trip home.

A Costco Gold Star membership can be of great benefit throughout the year—you’re simultaneously doing everyday shopping, running maintenance errands, and making major purchases. An annual Gold Star membership, valid at all Costco offices worldwide, is available for $60. Within one week of paying off your membership, you will receive a $30 digital Costco Store Card* by email, which can be used at the Costco warehouse or online. This promotion is only available to customers in the USA and Puerto Rico. After the purchase, you must activate the member voucher code by March 15, 2023. As a Costco member, you will receive one free family card for everyone who lives at your address aged 18 and older.

As a side note: If you don’t have a Costco nearby but have Sam’s Club instead, this offer with a 50% discount on 1 year membership might be interesting instead.


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