For Ludwig: Katie and Mats Hummels team up


Katie (34) and Mats Hummels (33) are dating. After months of rumors about the affair of the presenter and the football player, confirmation appeared in July: the parents of their son are divorcing. But it seems that there is no war of roses between them — they regularly spend time together with their son Ludwig (4). Even now, Katie and Ludwig apparently had a harmonious family evening together with their offspring.

“It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. He is happy that he has both parents in his life,” the 34—year-old woman commented on a picture of her family in her Instagram story. In the picture, the little son Ludwig and her husband Mats are sitting at a covered dining table, and the host of the reality show “Star Fight” takes a selfie and smiles at the camera. Mats also seems to like spending time with his offspring — the athlete also has a smile on his face.

Even if an influential person and a professional football player unite for the sake of their child, television fame apparently finds parting difficult. Shortly after it was announced that Mats’ divorce was in full swing, Katie shared with her fans: “Every day I manage to let go of more… Babysteps.” It seems that her son also helps her in this: the proud mother appears again and again with Ludwig on the Internet and emphasizes her love for him.


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