For All Boys 3: Check out what the critics are saying


Netflix added on Friday (12) to its catalog the movie For All Boys: Now and Forever, the third part of a very popular trilogy on the platform. Several film critics have already had the opportunity to watch the film, directed by Michael Fimognari. Below, you can check the main positive and negative points that they highlight.

THR – Robyn Bahr

“Agora e Para Semper is the most mature and therefore the most fun of the three films because it highlights the choices that Lara Jean makes for herself, rather than the choices she makes about other people. Previous stories have seen her grow in confidence thanks to the boys’ sexual attention, but this final story allows her to grow in confidence precisely because she rejects (albeit with great difficulty) expectations of being an object of love. Lara Jean is finally a person, not a projection ”.

Variety – Peter Debruge

“The great reward of this film is not what happens to Lara Jean and Peter, but to be able to see the supporting cast flourish around them. There’s more of older sister Margot, as well as Kitty, the younger and fiercely independent sister. In many ways, using material from the second novel for the first film, For All the Boys I’ve Loved Before took Lara Jean’s story where it needed to go. Thus, this film aims to close the cycle of one of Netflix’s most popular originals, while leaving the door ajar for other derivatives ”.

Omelet – Mariana Canhisares

“Agora e Para Semper is mature, curiously without losing its colorful innocence, it brings out the best in chemistry by Lana Condor and Noah Centineo and remembers why teenage romantic comedies are so enjoyable to watch. The ‘happily ever after’ may not be the one imagined by many fans of the films, but it’s the fairest for Lara Jean’s cute story ”.


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