Football Manager Promises Women’s Teams, But It Will Take a While


Football Manager: Sports Interactive has revealed that it has plans to bring women’s football to its newest Football Manager. Unlike promises we usually see developers making, this one doesn’t come with a “soon”. On the contrary, SI says it will take a long time to do this, but that’s because it wants to do it right.

The company behind Football Manager has a history of trying to be inclusive and progressive in their games. So they won’t limit themselves to just changing player models to say that the game supports women’s football.

Sports Interactive wants the same kind of gameplay depth in both genres, with new databases, specific rules and gender differences in the texts of the different languages ​​in which the game is supported – which doesn’t include Brazil, because Football Manager yet is not officially available around here.

Another interesting challenge is that the developer has not yet decided how deep this depth goes into the more practical aspects of women’s teams. Menstrual cycles and the possibility of players getting pregnant, for example, would greatly impact the mechanics of this game mode.

To lead the process, the team has hired former trainer Tina Keech, and motion capture sessions have already begun.

The process will not only be time-consuming, it will also be costly. That’s why Sports Interactive has been looking for sponsors to help fund the project, but its representatives are optimistic. Many organizations are now making efforts to better value women’s football, and the opportunity to help Football Manager do this should be something they will not pass up.