Football Manager 2023 Release Date, Gameplay, Features


Football Manager 2023 is back this year — check out all the relevant details here, including release date, gameplay and features.

Football Manager 2023 Release Date: November 8, 2022


The release date of Football Manager 2023 is set for November 8, 2022. The game will be released in three forms: FM23 console for Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC and for the first time ever Football Manager for PlayStation 5; FM23 Mobile on Android and iOS and FM23 Touch on Nintendo Switch and Apple Arcade. However, the FM23 Touch version is still listed as “Coming Soon” with no specific release date.

Gameplay Features of Football Manager 2023

In Football Manager 2023, players will write the headlines themselves, earning the love and adoration of the fans of their elite club. Dominate the competition, not by creating a club of superstars, but by creating the superstars themselves. Players can hire both front-line players and backstage staff who will develop the prodigies you have created. For you movie lovers, it sounds like Shaolin football. As in this movie, players can develop both strategy and tactics for their team, create important games and create a legacy for their club.

Football Manager 2023 also offers a stronger AI that will try to outsmart the player’s management. The AI managers in this game are advertised as the smartest.

The game features a new system of supporters’ trust for the franchise. This system allows players to build relationships with their fans, allowing them to see their expectations and giving them the opportunity to realize them. Fans are the lifeblood of any sport, so the support of fans at home will ensure you a place in the league.

Finally, the game will celebrate players’ achievements in the best way possible in this version of the game, as the brand new Dynamic Manager timeline will give players the opportunity to enjoy their milestones as a football manager.


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