Football Manager 2022 is Coming to Xbox Game Pass From Day One


Sports Interactive will launch its new job on November 9: Football Manager 2022. On the same day it will participate in the Xbox Game Pass catalog. Football Manager 2022 will be part of the Xbox Game Pass catalog from November 9, 2021, the day on which hit the market. Sports Interactive’s new work will allow service members to enjoy its two versions: the original for PC and the Xbox Edition on console. In addition, it will also be playable in Ultimate mode through Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Soccer Comes to Xbox Game Pass in November

Football Manager 2022 puts you in complete control of your favorite football club,” says Tom Davidson, public relations and content manager at the studio. “It is up to you to meet the goals of the board and the expectations of the fans as you overcome your struggle to reach the top of the soccer world.” All the management tools will be at your disposal.

Davidson reveals that thanks to the Xbox Play Anywhere feature, you can transfer your progress from the Xbox version to the PC version using your same profile, just like other games that use the feature. “The Xbox edition lets you master the essentials from the comfort of your couch.” Menus are redesigned to take “full advantage” of the controller. At the top of this paragraph you can see their reveal trailer, where they review some of the memorable moments of last season, such as Lille’s victory in Ligue 1 Uber Eats.

As part of the weeks leading up to its launch, last year we had a chat with Miles Jacobson, Director of Sports Interactive. The Briton answered our questions, both about the current situation of sport and the health circumstances that we experienced almost twelve months ago. You can read the full transcript by clicking on this link.


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