Football Manager 2021 is coming to Xbox!


There is news to please Xbox owners, Football Manager 2021 is coming to Xbox platforms. Football Manager fans are very attached to the game, and according to a report in recent years, there was a player who played with the same team for years and the number of such players is not small.

Football Manager 2021 is coming to Xbox platforms

Football Manager TUR official twitter account announced that Football Manager 2021 will come to Xbox platforms. Good news for Xbox users. In addition, the game will be fully optimized for all Xbox platforms and the same performance from PC can be obtained from consoles.

The platforms for Football Manager 2021 are as follows:

– Xbox One

– Xbox One S

– Xbox One X

– Xbox Series S

– Xbox Series X

– Windows 10

There is 4K support on other platforms except Xbox One. Native 4K support is only available for Xbox Series X and Windows 10. 4K support is available on the One S, One X and Series S. Selectable nations are limited to 5 per recording on Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X. These limitations are 10 per record on Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and Windows 10. HDR support is not available on Xbox One and Windows 10.

Football Manager 2021 will be available for PC and Mac on November 24, and Xbox versions on December 1.

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