Football Manager 2021, impressions


We interviewed Sports Interactive director Miles Jacobson as part of our coverage of Football Manager 2021. The ball rolls for yet another year.

Football Manager is a PC classic. When the lights shine on giants like FIFA, Sports Interactive proves year after year that it is the benchmark in virtual football management for ball enthusiasts. It is not a statement taken lightly: it tends to dominate the highest sales rankings in markets as demanding as the UK.

A few weeks before the launch of Football Manager, we sat down with Miles Jacobson, director of Sports Interactive, to tell us how he has taken the reins of the team in a scenario as complicated as that of a pandemic. We talk about football, the use of social networks and how the annuity of a mythical one of the computer scene is managed.

Football Manager 2021, the ball starts rolling

Before the interview, at MeriStation we have been able to access a build prior to the release version. This year Football Manager 2021 is characterized by the opening of possibilities in interaction. Gestures are added, a way of communicating that delves into traditional lines of dialogue.

Do we want to send a strong message? Wave your arms before a match and send the message that adds epic to the match. Have you been disappointed in the performance of a player? Nod with the palms of his hands and encourage him to do better in workouts. This is the way to better understand your players. They are more than a photo and a name; They are people who feel and suffer the same as the manager. We have high expectations of this feature for analysis, for now it promises.

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Those feelings for delving into the formula remain intact year after year. In the 2021 edition we can expect greater management in the incorporation of new faces. We see the signing meetings, where the scouting team meets with you to talk about what areas we want to improve and what are the most viable options given our resources. The screen is easy to follow: on the one hand we will see our usual alignment, and on the other which position in detail we do not have cover.

The first sensations with Football Manager 2021 continue in the usual ascending line, especially with a view to improving the visual coherence of simulated games in 3D. You can see the improvements in the animations, as well as in the graphic quality of the grass and the environment. And all without practically upsetting the system requirements.


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