Food: Chicago becomes the pizza capital of the world!


On Twitter, the city of Chicago has just proclaimed itself the pizza capital of the world. Something to make Italian food fans react

Did you think the best pizzas were in Italy and you could find them everywhere? You were totally wrong. The city of Chicago also excels when it comes to Italian food. Since it has just proclaimed itself the Pizza Capital of the World!

Yes, you read that right. It is our colleagues from the Demotivator who have just circulated the announcement. Such information risks making cringe on the side of our transalpine neighbors. Indeed, the latter do not really appreciate it when we “steal their property”.

As everyone will tell us. But when it comes to their food, Italians can even more easily fall off their hinges. Not when it comes to pasta, because that dish ultimately comes from China.

But when it comes to pizza, they are the king. Something that the city of the United States does not seem to think. The latter, not hesitating to proclaim loud and clear that she was on the throne in this area. Why ?

Quite simply because February 9 was National Pizza Day. It was on this occasion that the Twitter account of the town home to the Bulls went from its small tackle towards the kings of the pizza ’:

“Proud to be the Pizza Capital of the World.” Burger capital perhaps. But capital of the famous dough with a divine tomato sauce accompanied by mozzarella? Certainly not ! This food goes to “Caesar”.


We are not the only ones to think so. As we let you know, making such an announcement would undoubtedly make our neighbors cringe. It did not fail. Indeed, many people living in Italy reacted to this.

Hours after the tweet, famed Gomorra actor Salvatore Esposito responded to the “attack”: “After Naples! Dear American friends ”. We suspected he was going to defend his food.

It is hardly surprising to see him quote Naples. This is the city in which he is filming the famous mafia series. But also where the famous dish comes from. Despite everything, “Gennaro” was not the only one responding to his friends in the United States.

Indeed, many media also took the floor. As Fanpage advising: “In the shadow of Vesuvius, we will never have pepperoni!” Or a horror like pineapple pizza. ”

In other words, close to Naples, the pizza ’will never be distorted. As can often be the case in some restaurants located in the USA. Admittedly, it’s still better to eat real food rather than a dish that has nothing to do with the original.

For once, we join our Neapolitan friends and admit that, for once, Chicago is wrong!


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