Food Box Introduced in CES 2020 and Steam Heating Food


We have good news for those who carry food with them but who always consume it cold. A food box introduced in CES 2020 warms your food using steam.

You may have many reasons to take home meals to your school or workplace. You have made a meal that suits your diet, you don’t like the food that comes out in the cafeteria, this method may be more appealing to you, there are lots of reasons. One of the common complaints of all people carrying food is that the food cools down.

A Dutch initiative introduced Heatbox at the CES 2020 Consumer Electronics Show. This lunch box has different features than a storage container or lunch box. This box, which has an internal volume of 755 ml and can carry 430 grams of food, is heated by steam.

Steamed genuine home cooking
The heatbox measures 24 cm x 15.5 cm x 7.6 centimeters. This means you can fit a standard meal in the box. What distinguishes the box from other boxes is the steam heating of your food. According to the company, this method not only preserves the nutritional value of your food, but also makes it more delicious than microwave-heated dishes.

When you press the heating button on the box, the box starts to operate. You can also use this feature from the smartphone application. The box has three different heating modes: low, medium and high. A medium level is recommended for rice. It is also stated that it needs 20 ml of water every morning for the box to function correctly.

Product release in August 2020
The Heatbox needs to be charged once in 3 uses. The company also comes with a lunch box and a USB-C cable. It takes approximately 90 minutes to fully charge the box. The stored energy is used to convert water into steam.

The product is currently under mass funding and is available through Indiegogo. The price of the box burns more hands than steam, 129 Euro. Deliveries of the product will start in August of this year. You can see the promotional video of the box below.


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