Food: 5 delicious pasta recipes to make at home!


When it comes to food, we can say that pasta is the most popular food. Here are 5 unique recipes … Pasta is one of the favorite dishes of all students, and not only! We know that when it comes to food, it’s a safe bet, don’t say the opposite! So it’s no wonder that everyone is crazy about it. Here are 5 recipes that will make you lick your chops.

Pasta is a whole love story, in France and even beyond. Mac n Cheese, arrabbiata pasta, with pesto, there is something for everyone.

This food was even our ally during the confinement. Especially since it is not just a simple dish you make when you have nothing else on hand.

Afterwards, we know, between us, some people love to eat plain pasta with a ton of cheese … Even duketchup, but that’s a sacrilege, we agree?

We will therefore change your old habits by offering you a much less precarious meal in short. Easy to cook, not that expensive and just as delicious.

Food: 5 delicious pasta recipes to make at home!


If you like our food articles, you’ll love these 5 Pasta Recipes to Make At Home. Don’t procrastinate and get started right away, you won’t regret it.

Not everyone is necessarily a cordon bleu, after all. When it comes to food, some pounce on the simpler options.

You could make yourself a comforting dish with zucchini fusilli. Garnish with a cottage cheese sauce, 2 cloves of garlic and quick Parmesan.

Nutmeg can also make all the difference for this dish. Fan of carbo pasta? Forget your French recipe: there is no cream in the Italian recipe.

This food masterpiece contains 4 egg yolks, grated pecorino, oil, salt and chili and of course, bacon or a vegetable imitation for the veggies!

An easy-to-make but too often forgotten pasta dish: arrabbiata pasta. It is a simmered tomato sauce with garlic, basil and fresh chili.

In the same genre: the aglio e olio spaghetti. As the name suggests in Italian, this is pasta cooked with garlic and a drizzle of olive oil.

5th recipe and not the least: linguine pasta (the best) with arugula and sundried tomatoes. For the seasoning: olive oil, coarse salt, garlic and dried oregano.

With these succulent meal ideas, you won’t be able to fill your stomach every night with new ideas every day. Do you have a recipe that you like the most?


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