Following Carmen Electra, another Malibu Lifeguard Star reveals her Only fans in a viral bikini post


Donna D’Errico went viral last month after sharing with her fans a funny post in a bikini on the fourth of July. Many people thought she looked great, but some people reproached the 54-year-old model for wearing so few clothes at her age. D’Errico responded by posing in another bikini on a coffee table, and the rest is history. Or her story, really. Now the former Malibu Lifeguard star wants people to know about her OnlyFans, and she celebrated with a new bikini post just months after her former co-star Carmen Electra made a similar announcement.

Donna D’Errico is known to have worn a red Malibu Lifeguard jumpsuit on television; however, in her personal life, she seems to really like the two-piece look. In her latest Instagram Stories post, the former blonde announced that she had created a page on the OnlyFans subscribers platform, but I’m sorry if you didn’t notice it, because the post shows her brushing her teeth in a bikini.

Initially, OnlyFans made a name for itself thanks to its nude online content created by users on the platform. However, many celebrities have joined in to share lifestyle posts and more. Brushing your teeth in a bikini in honor of your OnlyFans may seem a little strange, but we already know that stranger things happen every day. There’s a 90 Day FiancĂ© star who went viral for selling fart cans and explained that people regularly ask her to do weird things on OnlyFans, including making videos where she “squishes” her face, just for one example.

As noted earlier, D’Errico is not the only star of the Malibu Lifeguards on OnlyFans. Carmen Electra, who also turned fifty this year, said that she joined the platform quite recently. Elektra called OnlyFans “a safe place where you can be your own creator,” and also said that she likes it when fans can follow her on whatever journeys she chooses.

For her part, the actress has already posted on OnlyFans in the spring, but it seems that she is stepping up her efforts after her recent story went viral online. The star’s page on the platform is based on subscribers and will cost fans of the Malibu Rescuers $14.99 per month.

Earlier, when Donna D’Errico was accused of wearing a bikini at 54, the actress said people were upset because she was “too old for this.” However, after the incident, D’Errico said that many of her fans rallied around her online. She also shared a post without makeup, noting that although she is not flawless, everything was going pretty well in her life.

Thanks for all the comments on my other post. I’ve read them all 🙌 I’m not perfect in any way, but I feel damn good.

Now it seems you can follow her on this journey.


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