Follow up period from Starbucks with Blockchain


Starbucks aims to increase the satisfaction of its customers by using Blockchain technology. Starbucks, the popular coffee chain that gets help from Microsoft, will keep track of coffees with Blockchain. Starbucks is a company known for its proximity to cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology. Starbucks, which makes this proximity even more visible, plans to bring its customers to all stages of coffee with this technology.

Starbucks will make coffee tracking with Blockchain technology

The coffee chain collaborates with software giant Microsoft to offer a more transparent coffee experience to its customers. It will be ensured that all stages from the collection of the coffees to roasting and supply meet with the customers. It will easily reach customers with a Blockchain technology whose infrastructure is prepared by Microsoft.

Based on the idea that customers should know the adventure about the beans of the coffee they drink, Starbucks will present the system in question to its customers with the codes created at this point. In this way, curious people will be able to easily access where the coffee is produced, where it is roasted, how it is roasted and brewing techniques.

Starbucks plans to attract young consumers with sustainable ideas by taking advantage of blockchain technology. Generation Y consumers consistently advocate conscious consumerism. They pay attention to the details of what they eat or drink. He wonders and explores, for example, how his food was grown, its origin, and whether it was produced in an ethical and sustainable way. Starbucks also speaks to the audience at this point.

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