It is important to maintain a healthy life, especially taking care of what we eat, drinking lots of water, avoiding junk food and exercising. Each beginning of the year, we intend to give that time to our body, but for some reason or another, it only remains in words. 🙁

Now, it is time for you to do it, it is no longer a pretext for the fact that you do not arrive on time to the gym, stay far away or simply, because it is very expensive. With this routine, the same as our idol, Jungkook, can begin to fulfill your purpose. YASS!

The routine consists of warm-up and 10 exercises that are not difficult and you can do them without problem from the comfort of your home. The only thing you will need is sportswear, a MAT mat (which you usually use to do yoga), if you do not have it, do not worry this is for more comfort, your thermos with natural water and a small cloth towel for take off excess sweat.

To start, we have to warm our muscles, this part is very important because it will be in charge of preparing the body for better performance, in addition, it will prevent some muscle injury.

You will continue doing a repetition of 20 squats, lizards, squats with a jump, squats in an inverted V position, a minute of irons, 20 mountain climbers, these are similar to climbing the stairs, if you prefer to use them, better! 15 burpees, which consist of going down to the floor as in squats, and standing up as if wanting to touch the ceiling. Twenty abs, another twenty with leg lifting and 20 supermans.

Try to rest a minute between each exercise and do it at your own pace. Over time, you will begin to see the results of perseverance and effort. Like Jungkook, make these exercises your best weapon to look amazing. <3


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