Follow election night in the United States


In the United States, the candidate who wins the presidency is not the one who gets the most votes, but rather a battle that is decided state by state. As the results are announced in each of them, the score of the candidates increases. Whoever reaches 270 votes in the electoral college wins.

The electoral night will start at one in the morning, Spanish time, with the closure of the polling stations in the first states, on the East coast. The last state to close polls will be Alaska, at seven in the morning.

In most states, the scrutiny holds few surprises: they are so heavily skewed toward one candidate or the other that a reversal is difficult. The election will be decided in a dozen states, which have to be watched to see if things are going well for US President Donald Trump or Democratic candidate Joe Biden. Here is a guide, hour by hour, so that you can interpret the results as they are announced … if you decide to stay up late.

Polls are closed in South Carolina, Indiana, Kentucky, Vermont, Georgia and Virginia. But the last two are the states you need to watch closely.

GEORGIA has only voted for one Democratic candidate in three presidential elections since 1960 and two of them were for Jimmy Carter, a native of the southern state and a former governor. However, Republican dominance has begun to crack as the state has become more ethnically diverse and less rural, with the growth of Atlanta and its suburbs. The latest polls, as measured by Real Clear Politics, give Biden a 0.4 point lead.

VIRGINIA used to be a Republican fiefdom but in recent years it has been dyed blue. A good omen for Trump would be that, as in 2016, the results are too narrow to declare Biden the winner in the first hours.


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