Foldable screen phone signal from HTC


HTC, one of the pioneers of the smartphone market, had not been successful in adapting to the transformation in the market. Despite this, the Taiwanese manufacturer, which does not give up smartphones, is looking for ways to return to its old days. A patent file uncovered by the LetsGoDigital site shows that the company is testing a trendy method for this. According to the patent file, HTC is working on a foldable phone.

HTC’s patent file shows a device with a central hinge and the screen folded out. In short, it is possible to see the screen even when the phone is folded. Although the patent does not contain many details about the phone, there are some illustrations showing how the hinge works.

The hinge mechanism in the middle of the device is placed horizontally, just like the Motorola Razr. According to the patent file, it will be possible to see information on the screen when the screen is folded.

At this point, it should be noted that patent files do not always show products that have been released. Sometimes companies can apply for patents just to protect their ideas. The products in these patents may not always come true.

Although HTC has patented the foldable phone design, it seems unlikely that the company will turn it into a tangible product in the short term.


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