Foldable LG phone concept design released


A new concept design was shared for LG, which came up with innovative designs such as a dual screen phone. Claims that the company is developing a foldable phone have been around for a while. A concept designer translated the foldable LG phone claims into visuals. We can say that the design is very similar to the Galaxy Fold.

How will foldable LG phone be?

Rumors that the company is developing a foldable phone are not yet certain. Still, it wouldn’t come as a surprise that the foldable screen design has been added to the company’s innovative designs. A concept designer informs us about possible design with the visual he publishes.

katlanabilir lg telefon

The design in the published image has a screen that can be extended from the phone to the tablet size, like the Galaxy Fold. If the claims are true, LG’s foldable phone may be close to this design. We see that there are two front cameras in this design.

LG, which has not been able to get along with the smartphone market in recent years, draws attention with designs such as dual-screen phones. The fact that smartphone manufacturers are working on two different screen sizes instead of the larger screen determines the mobile phones of the next few years.

According to rumors, the LG foldable phone may go on sale in the first half of 2021. Other analysts’ views also generally point to the first half of 2021.

What other details do you think LG’s new smartphone design can have?


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