Foldable iPhone Should Take Up To Three Years To Come Out, Analyst Says


The foldable version of the iPhone, which is expected to mark Apple’s entry into this segment of devices, could still take “two to three years” to be released. The information was provided by journalist and market analyst Mark Gurman, from Bloomberg, in the latest edition of the PowerOn newsletter.

According to Gurman, Apple “eventually” will even launch the folding cell phone, despite the delay. Models in the form of prototypes would have already been built, including leaking details about these tests. However, it is a long road to design approval and numerous functionality and strength tests, culminating in mass manufacturing of the device.

The journalist also believes that the ideal foldable iPhone would be between 7″ and 8″ when opened.

When will we see “iPhone Fold”?

Rumors regarding Apple’s plans to compete with the Galaxy Z Fold lineup have intensified in the month numbers. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who tends to have good internal sources regarding Apple’s plans, believes the model will come out in 2023 with an 8″ OLED screen.

Among other speculations, there are those who believe that the first model will have the “flip” format, closing vertically, and that LG will be one of the partners in the development of the flexible display. So far, Apple hasn’t officially commented on the development of a foldable cell phone.


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