Focus Home expressed its opinion on the discussions


Focus Home Interactive publishes a statement showing its position on the accusations made against Limestone, the study behind Aeon Must Die.

Aeon Must Die was one of the titles on the Focus Home Interactive grid that participated in the last State of Play. After its announcement, the controversy enveloped the game after the anonymous accusations of several people who claimed that the development team had abandoned the project due to “crunch and defaults”.

Limestone Games, flagged

For this reason, the editor has wanted to communicate through twitter its position in this situation. They claim to have been “informed” of “serious” accusations from some developers in Limestone, the study in charge of the project.

“Focus Home Interactive has always praised and supported all of our collaborating studios and developers that make up the creative teams. We pride ourselves on treating our workers and third party members fairly and with respect. This is not going to change ”, comments the company in the opening of its statement.

“These complaints are directed at Limestone, your direct employer. As editors of this video game, Focus will look carefully at these accusations and will draw the necessary conclusions if they are proven to be well founded, and appropriate measures will be taken ”, they conclude, not before making it clear that they will not comment further on the matter until the situation is resolved. clarify.

The first trailer for Aeon Must Die featured a fast beat-em-up with a clear eighties influence. It would arrive at first on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam. Developed under the Unreal Engine, they promise that every dialogue you select and every blow you throw at the enemy will affect artificial intelligence, in addition to the conclusion of the game. Its launch is estimated at some point in the next 2021.

During the last State of Play we knew announcements of special relevance, such as the PSVR mode of Hitman 3 or the new in-depth gameplay of the fourth numbered installment of Crash Badicoot. Here you can see the full summary of ads.


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