FlyTrap, The Fake Netflix Coupon That Steals Android Facebook Accounts


FlyTrap: Be careful if you use Facebook and also have Android – and also with Netflix coupons: According to the cybersecurity expert company Zimperium, a new Trojan for Android codenamed FlyTrap has reached at least 140 countries since March 2021 and has spread to more than 10,000 victims through the hijacking of social networks, third-party app stores, and side-loaded apps.

Zimperium’s zLabs Mobile Threat Research teams recently found several previously undetected apps using Zimperium’s z9 malware engine and on-device detection. Following their forensic investigation, the zLabs team determined that this previously undetected malware “is part of a family of Trojans that employ social engineering tricks to compromise Facebook accounts.”

Yes: Your Facebook account is stolen. According to the forensic evidence of this Trojan malware for Android – baptized as FlyTrap by Zimperium – these indicate that its origin comes from several “malicious groups in Vietnam that have been running this session hijacking campaign since March 2021.”

These malicious applications were distributed “initially both via Google Play and third-party application stores.” Zimperium zLabs reported the findings to Google, which verified the research provided and removed the malicious apps from the Google Play store. However, these tainted apps “are still available in third-party digital stores.”


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