Flying car Toyota SkyDrive test took place


Toyota has announced that it has been working on flying cars in recent years. As a result of the tests carried out, the flying car Toyota SkyDrive managed to stay in the air.

Flying car Toyota SkyDrive passed the test successfully

Flying cars, which have been the subject of many science fiction movies and that people have been eagerly waiting for, are finally coming true. Toyota, one of the companies working on this subject, made a flight test with its new vehicle.

The model, called SD-03, managed to stay in the air for a while with the test pilot. Although the flight around the Toyota test site was not autonomous yet, it was able to perform the desired operations.

The SD-03, which is described as the smallest electric vertical landing and take-off vehicle (VTOL) in the world, has 8 rotors for safe landing even in case of engine failure.

It seems that flying cars will take a long time to adapt to our lives. The company aims to get approval for flights outside the test area by the end of 2020.

Planning to launch the two-seat commercial model by 2023, Toyota is moving forward in line with the timeline Japan has made for flying taxis.

Stating that they are planning to accelerate both traffic problems and travel with the newly developed vehicles, the officials underlined that they will accelerate their work on this issue.


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