Flying Car Pal-V Liberty, ‘Hit the Road’ Certificate


Pal-V, which has been working on flying cars for about 20 years, has managed to obtain the ‘can go’ certificate for the Pal-V Liberty, which it calls the first mass production flying car. However, there is still a test process that will take until 2022 before Liberty can be put on sale.

Going back several decades from today, we could see many people saying that in 2020 there will be flying cars buzzing around. However, we are all aware that the truth is not like that at all. However; Pal-V, a Dutch company, has crossed an important milestone in flying cars.

One of the biggest obstacles for companies in terms of flying cars is the current “highway” laws. Therefore, no matter how good a flying car they develop, companies cannot take their vehicles out without the necessary legal permissions. Pal-V Liberty, a “hybrid” car that can drive both on land and in the air, can now “legally” travel on European streets.

“We have been cooperating with highways authorities for many years to reach this milestone.” Using the expressions, Pal-V CTO Mike Stekelenburg stated that it is extremely difficult to pass the tests by folding the equipment that allows the vehicle to fly, such as winglets and propellers, but he felt the excitement of obtaining the ‘can go’ certificate for Liberty.

As a matter of fact, Pal-V has flying car prototypes since 2012 and Liberty has been going through a rigorous testing process for 5 years in order to obtain the EASA aviation certification. According to Pal-V, more than 1,200 test reports must be completed before the last 150 hours of flight testing, which means the process will take until 2022.

When Pal-V has completed all the tests and Liberty becomes a mass-produced product for everyone, purchasers will need not only a driver’s license, but also a flight license. Pal-V has already started flight training for some of its customers who have pre-ordered for Liberty.

Pal-V’s video about Liberty’s ‘can go’ license


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