Fluent Design: Windows 10 gets rounded edges in test


Microsoft has started testing new concepts of Fluent Design on Windows 10. According to Windows Latest, some users of the previous version of the system have been given a command to round the edges of the interface.

The flag that enables the new look appeared under the name

“RoundedWindowCornersPrototype”. The function changes the look of only some parts of the system, such as the Start Menu, app windows and Settings.

Some images showing the new look in action are already running on the internet forums. The Fluent Design applied at the edges of the Microsoft OS brings an appearance that resembles the look used in Windows 7 and also in macOS, the Apple system for computers.

Sun Valley Update

The new look for the Windows interface should arrive with the Sun Valley update, which should only be released in the second half of 2021. According to speculation, the update is so striking that it is called “Windows 10 ++” by Microsoft employees .

The update reportedly will feature several changes inspired by Windows 10X, a new edition of the system that had its visual leaked recently. In addition to the rounded edges, Microsoft is already testing and even distributing new icons that follow Fluent Design.


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