Flower of Evil, the new suspense drama you must see


“Flower of evil”, the new crime and suspense drama that will catch you. Looking for new Korean stories to put together your marathon? This story is for you.

The originality of the plot will show you a very different couple than the ones you are used to, love does not seem to be enough for the protagonists and something dark will endanger their marriage and their lives.

“Flower of evil” is a new K-Drama from TVN and is also broadcast on the Viki platform, specialized in Korean content. The plot revolves around an apparently perfect marriage, but the character Baek Hee Sung has hidden something very dark from his wife.

He may seem like the perfect, loving, kind man, but at night he becomes a serial killer who will soon be the target of the detective’s investigation as Cha Ji Won, his own wife.

He will start to become suspicious of the crimes that have been going on and will continue to track down the culprit. The first episodes revealed the motives behind the protagonist’s criminal behavior, but will they manage to discover his identity?

If you hesitate to watch this drama, there are reasons for you to follow the story, because the chemistry between the actors catches and intrigues you at the same time, knowing the deadly secret that the husband hides, in addition, there are kiss scenes from the beginning, you do not have than wait forever for it.


Lee Joon Gi’s performance is another point in his favor, since he has a great capacity to show himself as someone perfect and loving, to later become someone sadistic. During the 16 chapters of the drama, you will feel the tension between the couple, because although they have pleasant moments in their family life, the secret that Hee Sung hides will come to light at any moment.

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Will his wife and detective forgive him or make him pay for his crimes? Him daughter will also play an important role, because he admires him dad very much and is him favorite person in the world … until he finds out who he really is.


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