Florida Man: Edgar Ramirez to star in new Netflix series


Florida Man: Netflix announced the order of eight hour-long episodes for the new series Florida Man. The project will star the actor Edgar Ramirez, who recently starred in another streaming project, the film Yes Day.

Florida Man will follow “a struggling ex-cop (Ramírez) who is forced to return to his home state in Florida to find the runaway girlfriend of a Philadelphia mobster. What should be a quick show becomes a spiraling journey into buried family secrets and an increasingly futile attempt to do the right thing in a place where many things are wrong. ”

The new series will feature Donald Todd (This Is Us) as a producer for the partnership between Jason Bateman and Michael Costigan of Aggregate Films and Netflix. Todd will also act as the project’s showrunner.

Despite having the same name, the Netflix production has no connection with Florida Man, a limited series that is under development on Anonymous Content and is based on the Tom Cooper novel and starring Joel Edgerton.

In addition to starring in Netflix’s Yes Day, Ramirez’s most recent works include the miniseries The Undoing, in which he worked alongside Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant; Netflix features The Last Days of American Crime and Wasp Network: Spy Network; and the new version of the classic starring Keanu Reeves, Emotion Hunters: Beyond the Limit.

Ramirez will also be in the film adaptation of the game Borderlands, in which he will play the character Atlas.

Florida Man is not expected to debut on Netflix streaming.


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