Florentino Perez falls short! You need 15 kilos for your new galactic


Florentino Perez falls short! You need 15 kilos for your new galactic. Real Madrid raises its offer. Real Madrid is attentive to the market to win the best young players in the world. However, there is one that seems to be able to escape in the next dates.

We are talking about the Norwegian scorer Erling Braut Haland, who does not stop scoring goals in the Champions League at 19 and already has 7 in his first 4 games.

The pearl of the Red Bull Salzburg seems to be coming out next summer and Real Madrid has been very interested in signing it to replace Karim Benzema, something that Serbian striker Luka Jovic has not yet achieved.

However, the offer that the white set had in mind was 50 million euros, a price that seems to fall short after the arrival at the Juventus auction in Turin. The Italians want to give Cristiano Ronaldo a luxury companion and, above all, guarantee the future of the attack, especially by telling him that the defense was guaranteed this summer with the achievement of Matthijs De Ligt, the best future in the world.

The Juventus of Turin plan also involves signing Gianluigi Donnarumma, another who may become the best goalkeeper shortly, and a young midfielder who can make a difference, although in that demarcation it is not so clear who the name can be file.

Regarding Erling Braut Haland, it seems that they will put 65 million euros for their signing, 15 more than Florentino Pérez had in mind to take over the Norwegian striker, so Real Madrid must improve its offer if it wants to get the giant of the Salzburg, who seems to be destined to mark a scoring era in European football. His start in the Champions League could not be better.

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