Florence Pugh weighs in on her sheer pink dress that seemed to drive a lot of people crazy


Florence Pugh has made headlines in recent weeks for her upcoming film “Don’t Worry, Darling,” but she also nearly blew up the internet when she debuted a sheer pink Valentino dress at a fashion show in Rome a few weeks ago. This pure number was dedicated to “freeing the fucking nipple,” as the actress herself put it. Now she is weighing people’s reactions, noting that people were upset by how comfortable she was in this dress.

In fact, so convenient that Pugh showed off the look on her Instagram page in a post in which she joked, “Are they technically covered?” It was this post that helped the Valentino show go viral and caused a lot of opinions on the Internet.

Pugh was pleased with the view. She was also relaxed in this look, but told Harper’s Bazaar that she thought her comfort was exactly why the dress seemed to strain people so much.

I was comfortable with my small breasts. And showing them like that — it annoyed [people] that I was comfortable with.

In the profile, the actress shared the reaction of people. She previously said she knew the dress would attract attention and cause a “comment” in her Instagram post related to the issue, but noted that it is “disturbing” when people respond how they feel online.

It was just alarming how excited they were. They were so angry that I was sure, and they wanted to let me know that they would never jerk off on me. Well, don’t.

To be honest, the initial post with the transparent dress also caused a lot of positive comments. Jamila Jamil of She-Hulk called Florence Pugh “the most perfect person alive.” Model and trans activist Maxim Magnus said: “She IS beauty and she IS grace.” Harris Reed, famous for putting a skirt on Harry Styles for this now infamous cover, also commented: “My weird little heart can’t take it.”

Jessica Chastain also famously defended Pugh’s sheer dress.

But if you look at the comments on the post even below these good ones, you will see that commenters call the appearance “garbage” or otherwise disagree with these assessments. One commenter even called Jamil allegedly hating the Kardashians, but praised Pugh for her own cutting-edge fashion image. So, if you dig around a bit, it’s easy to see how the “Don’t Worry, Darling” star felt the need to respond with a second post, which further blew up the conversation.

In the following weeks, Florence Pugh did not shy away from pink, even demonstrating another transparent image (this time in a bikini). In fact, it was the year of nude dresses, and it seems that the actress is completely normal to participate in the conversation.


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