Florence Pugh Is Ready to Introduce Zendaya, Timothy Chalamet and Austin Butler on The Red Carpet of “Dunes: Part Two”


Florence Pugh received recognition when she starred in Greta Gerwig’s film “Little Women” together with Saoirse Ronan and Emma Watson. In the same year, she received critical acclaim for her role in Midsommar. Thanks to her charismatic on-screen persona, the actress got a place in the MCU. She played the younger sister of Natasha Romanova Belova. The situation of the young actress has only improved since she recently starred in the Netflix series “Miracle and Don’t Worry, Darling.” And now Pugh is going to light up the screen again in the sequel to “Dunes”. On the eve of the premiere of “Dunes: Part Two”, the actress is ready to walk the red carpet with her equally famous colleagues.

The 27-year-old actress is no stranger to walking on red carpets and showing off her images in front of cameras. However, this time she is preparing to stun her co-stars Austin Butler, Zendaya and Timothy Chalamet. The star of “Black Widow” exclaimed: “The Red carpet will be on fire!” Pugh loves risky outfits, despite the negative reaction online. She appeared at the premiere of “The Good Man” in a black and white tuxedo-style dress. The top was transparent, with a long side slit exposing her side chest, and she completed the look with her signature ring on the partition and a smooth hairstyle.

Butler is known for his gentlemanly style, and Timothy is famous for his androgynous appearance. Meanwhile, the Euphoria leader is a trendsetter. She started the trend of wearing outfits that match the movie when she wore an outfit inspired by Spider-Man to the premiere of the film. So we can definitely expect viral images from the quartet. The “Miracle” actress has also previously spoken about her colleagues, calling them brilliant people.

Florence Pugh is happy that her friends are young Hollywood stars.
The rising actress has worked with several of the oldest superstars, but she gave the highest praise to her colleagues on “Dune”. Timmy, in general, is her answer to Leo of this generation. Pugh was very lucky to work with young Hollywood actors and consider himself a part of their inner circle. In a conversation with Variety, the blonde actress mentioned that the quartet had become close friends.

The premiere of the sequel to the fantastic film is scheduled for November this year. It is reported that Florence Pugh will play Princess Irulan in the sequel.

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