Floor of Lava: Netflix renews reality show for season 2


Floor of Lava: Recently, Netflix announced the renewal of the reality show Jogo da Lava (Floor is Lava, in the original), presented by Rutledge Wood. The program was directly inspired by a game of the same name to compose its competitive structure. In it, the participants must fulfill several challenges without touching the floor, which is full of false lava.

Produced by A. Smith & Co. Productions, of American Ninja Warrior, in partnership with Haymaker Media, the reality show also brings up some elements of programs such as Wipeout, from 2008, and Legends of the Hidden Temple, in the original), from 1993.

According to information released by Netflix, Jogo da Lava was seen by about 37 million subscribers during the first four weeks it was available.

In this way, the competition joins other non-fictional streaming successes, such as Nailed It! and The Circle, which has accumulated versions in other countries, including Brazil.

Lava game: learn more about Netflix’s adventure reality show

The first season was launched in June 2020, with ten electrifying episodes. The teams presented had to solve puzzles, going from one side to the other of a huge room, using some objects to hang from the ceiling, without touching the lava floor – which is obviously scenographic.

If any of the participants fell in the lava, the elimination took place. Even though they were missing, the teams remained in the dispute.

According to information obtained by the international press, the reality show has kept its renewal secret until the moment precisely to be able to select the cast of the 2nd season without any problem.

Thus, the public only has to wait for more news. Take the opportunity to check the first episodes on Netflix and have fun!


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