Floom App Twittter: the most cited terms on your profile


Do you know what are the most used words in your social media posts? Floom, a company that sells marketplace plans for Software as a Service, provides an intuitive and free tool that enables this analysis and builds an image formed by the most common terms in your Twitter profile.

The purpose of the application, according to the company, is to assist in the analysis and construction of APIs, but the functionality extends to anyone curious. “We help users find the products offered by sellers that best meet their needs, selecting the best matching sellers and presenting them.”

That is, keep in mind that, when using the resource, the information collected will be provided to third parties.

How to generate your image

Anyway, if you are interested, producing your image is very simple. First, you need to access the website and create an account, which requires the definition of a username, a valid email and a password.

Once logged in, just enter your Twitter username in the field provided and choose the desired color. It is also possible to customize the format, choosing it from a list that includes clouds, clocks, crowns and many others (all options are in English).

Finally, the art is generated, containing the most used words in the inserted profile, the “at” in question and the company’s watermark.


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