Floodz Becomes First Player to Reach 7 Levels in LoL’s New Champ Sett


Floodz Becomes First Player to Reach 7 Levels in LoL’s New Champ Sett. Twitch publisher Floodz was the first to reach 7 Masters Levels in the new champion Sett of the recently introduced League of Legends. We have details on the subject.

Twitch publisher Floodz, who played the character for 22 hours immediately after being included in the game on January 15th, settled in 38 battles and achieved a 58 percent win rate.

With more than 25,000 Mastery Points, Floodz was the first player in the world to reach 7 Mastery Levels as of yesterday. Twitch publisher, who previously achieved similar successes with Neeko, Senna and Aphelios, took his claim in Sett with LoL a step further.

“Sett’s biggest‘ weakness ası is that he is very strong, F Floodz said. “You need to be very sensitive about getting into a team fight. I think Reneckton, Quinn and Teemo are the hardest matches Sett will face. Land The Twitch broadcaster played all 38 games in Blind Pick mode only.

Unlike other champions in Sett, ‘S’ is more difficult to get attention to Floodz, this situation may lead to less played big boss Sett said. The Twitch publisher often used Trinity Force and Black Cleaver in games with Sett. Floodz, who also opted for the Conqueror Karma costume, says he uses Resolve for greater durability and control.

You can watch Sett Champ Introduction video below: