Flooding in São Paulo: capital enters into state of attention


The city of São Paulo woke up on alert this Sunday (25). The heavy rains that hit the entire capital left the municipality on alert for possible flooding. The warnings started at 11:28 am, but with the drop in intensity, they were withdrawn about 3 hours later.

The rains that hit São Paulo

The warning notices were issued by the City’s Climate Emergency Management Center (CGE). Storms fell throughout the state capital of SP. In some neighborhoods, such as Bela Vista and Butantã, they even had hailstorms for a period of time.

In addition to Butantã, the neighborhoods of Centro, Ipiranga, Vila Prudente and Mooca had serious flooding and were well hit by the rains. The regions had floods so great that they made vehicle traffic impossible. In addition to hail, many rays and strong gusts of wind hit São Paulo.

Flooding path and care for the population
According to information released by the CGE, the instabilities were stronger in the South Zone of the city, but formed a line that spread to the north side of the capital.

The CGE also recommends that, during floods in São Paulo, people should avoid the streets with accumulated water and never face the currents or use the trees as a shelter. It is important to always look for a safe place, such as houses and buildings, away from the power grid.

There is still the possibility of more rain showers in São Paulo during the day.

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