Flip phones, Oppo’s new idea for its smartphones


There is no doubt that flexible displays are already the present of technology. Different firms not only create phones with screens that can be folded, they also roll up to take up less space, at least in the image and sound section. In recent months we have not stopped seeing the plans that different mobile phone firms have in mind and today we have to look at Oppo and its deployable smartphone model.

This is the Oppo drop-down phone

How interesting patents and designs are! They are like the doors to an uncertain future as they may or may not materialize. Some plans are very interesting and only a few have been seen in physical format. Many of the latest proposals come from China and everything is due to the numerous attempts by the firms that operate there to have a cutting-edge phone with which to compete against the Z Fold family of Samsung, or at least try.

One of those attempts comes from the hand of Oppo and its mobile with a folding screen. In TechRadar they have echoed what was registered in the National Administration of Intellectual Property of China, where you can see some of the sketches of what appears to be a square-shaped mobile in its initial form. This is important, since the firm would bet to expose a part of the display, while the rest would be stored somewhere inside.

Apparently in the sketches, the terminal doubles in size at the top. This also means expanding the back, where your lens system is located at the top. In this sense, it stands out that there are up to three holes that are used for taking images and capturing video. Another thing that is not neglected is the presence of the side buttons, but what does stand out is that there is apparently no biometric sensor.

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As we always tell you with these types of findings, this is just a preview of what the company wants to do in the future. By this we mean that the arrival of Oppo’s extendable phone is an assumption, an idea that the Chinese firm has registered in order to claim its authorship in the future if necessary.


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