Flight Simulator will enable a third-party content sales market


Microsoft Flight Simulator will allow content creators to monetize their creations from within the simulator. Records enabled.

Microsoft Flight Simulator plots its third-party content program. As we can read in the official statement, the company wants the community to connect and share their creations for a fee. A kind of third-party mod store, with the exception that the creators must go through the team filter.

The store will allow “a constant way between the collaborator and Microsoft” to share your creations. There is no cost to apply to the program; Once your registration has been confirmed, you will be able to see how your content performs, what is the collection you have achieved and what are the automatic payments you will receive based on your profile.

Microsoft Flight Simulator shop payment mods

Until now it is unknown if it will be enabled since its launch on August 18 or at some point in the remainder of 2020. In any case, if you are one of the interested parties, you can request registration through this link.

Released on August 18

Microsoft Flight Simulator is already a reality. Since its reveal at last E3 2019, the company has been quietly charting its plans for version 1.0. We finally know when we will take off: it will be on August 18 on PC and will be available from the same day to Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

It will have a physical edition in Europe by Aerosoft, which will include no less than 10 DVD discs containing the total installation of the game. A real dunce in which the Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots meme comes to life. At MeriStation we were already able to test the first flights during the X019, in which we commented that the sensations were “insurmountable”. “Professionals and neophytes can come together to enjoy equal parts of the aviation universe without rivals today.”

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