Flight Simulator Returns Issue Confusingly Fixed in Steam


Microsoft Flight Simulator, released as of yesterday, continues to be downloaded by many players. Aviation enthusiasts who purchase the game on Steam start downloading additional content after only 532 MB of download. So how does this download, which takes hours in the game, affect your refund right on Steam?

US-based technology giant Microsoft has presented its new simulation game Microsoft Flight Simulator, which aviation enthusiasts have been waiting for for a long time, as of yesterday. This simulation game, which is expected to offer a unique experience with its graphics, is probably still being downloaded by millions of players. Because Microsoft’s new simulation has a huge size of 127 GB.

Microsoft’s new simulation that will enchant aviation enthusiasts can be accessed through different channels. For example, you can experience this game by purchasing it from Microsoft Store or Steam. As such, some gamers focused on a question mark due to the high size of the game. This question mark was how the game could be returned on Steam.

You are entitled to a refund after purchasing a game according to Steam policies. However, there are certain conditions for this. For example, if you play a purchased game for more than 2 hours, you cannot refund the game. This situation confused Microsoft Flight Simulator owners. Because the 127GB file download would probably take more than 2 hours. Now Steam has made an important statement regarding this issue.

“Download time in the game will not count from the playing time”

In the statements made by Doug Lombardi, Valve’s vice president of marketing, it was stated that the content download time of Microsoft Flight Simulator will not be included in the playing time. Lombardi emphasized that they are working on whether they can offer a better download experience by continuing with Microsoft on the issue.

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Lombardi did not go into the details of the subject. However, how such a thing will be possible on Steam is currently unknown. Regardless, a gamer has to run the client after purchasing Microsoft Flight Simulator. In addition, the download time of 127 GB for each player depends on the capacity of the internet connection they have. It is not yet understood how Steam can handle all of this.


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