Flight Simulator: pilots fly over Hurricane Laura


Hurricane Laura is hitting the US coast this week, with great destructive potential in states like Texas and Louisiana. And thanks to the real-time weather update in Flight Simulator, pilots at Microsoft’s launch can take a closer look at the digital version of the phenomenon.

Thanks to a partnership with Meteoblue, real-time weather patterns are incorporated with high precision into the simulator, according to its location. In addition, it uses Bing Maps for and procedural generation technologies to provide a relatively accurate representation of the real world.

As a result of fidelity, Hurricane Laura ended up being represented in a moment before reaching category 4, with winds of 240 km / h. The Verge has compiled some publications from players who have come across the hurricane from different angles. Check out:

Youtuber TmarTn2 also recorded on video the moment when he leaves an airport with excellent weather conditions until he reaches the storm region. The dissemination of the first materials has already led other streamers to venture into the region.

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