Flexispot Q8 Standing Table Review: Quality and Price For Enthusiasts


The Flexispot Q8 table certainly has the quality and all the bells and whistles that enthusiasts of sitting and standing tables may need, but is it worth its high price?

Whether you work from home or have night gaming sessions, comfort is key. While you can fork out hundreds of dollars for the best headphones and the most comfortable chairs, a desk is an important part of any decor.

Many swear that standing tables reduce the negative side effects of sitting throughout the day, and Flexispot sent us a Q8 8-in-1 standing table for a trial. This is one of their most expensive tables, so we will tell you how easy it was to assemble, what functions it has and whether it is worth such a price of $ 799.99.

Main Features

Size: 140 x 70 cm
Desktop Material: Bamboo
Weight: ~ 110 lbs
Specifications: steel frame, built-in drawer, built-in height adjustment control panel, USB-A port, USB-C port.
Price: $799.


The first thing I noticed about the Flexispot Q8 table was its size, and shortly after that, its weight. Due to the weight of its steel frame and thick bamboo surface, moving the device was certainly not a one-man task.

Once it was stacked for assembly, it couldn’t be easier. It was just a case of connecting the legs, adding the legs, screwing on the cable tray, connecting some wires and flipping — and the instruction manual couldn’t explain it better. This process took no more than five minutes.

The legs are connected by screws with clear markings, and the attached hex key worked perfectly. Most of the wiring was already laid, so you just had to connect them to the right ports. While the included cable laying tray needs to be screwed directly to the tree, it is easy to do this with a conventional hand screwdriver. Then it was time to turn him over on his feet.

As I said before, the Flexispot Q8 is heavy. It’s not so heavy that it’s impossible to roll over on your own, but I would recommend finding someone to help you turn it over and put it back in place. Its size makes it bulky, and you can risk putting too much pressure on your feet at a dodgy angle, damaging your $800 desk.

Design Features

Flexispot Q8 is a desk for sitting and standing, and switching between modes is incredibly easy thanks to the built-in touch-screen control panel. Thanks to the height range from 60 to 124 cm, I had no problems finding a comfortable height for sitting and standing. The speed seems reasonable, since you don’t wait forever, and it gradually stops without shaking the contents of your desk.

Its memory presets are also welcome, you just need to hold down buttons 1, 2, 3 or 4 to keep the current height. As a newbie to working with standing desks, I found that I like the balance between sitting and standing rotation throughout the day, and the ability to quickly switch its height is very welcome.

Although there is no child lock in it, the collision avoidance feature works well and it won’t put pressure on anything under it.

After setting up, the table screams about quality. The smooth bamboo work table is pleasant to the touch, and the colors make the room brighter. Despite the fact that the table stands only on two legs, it seems completely solid and does not bend when you lean on it, which is especially useful in standing mode.

The 140 x 70 cm desktop is the perfect size for my small office, and it easily fits my 27—inch and 24-inch monitors. I also had to place my computer on a desk because my short cables would be ripped out when lifting it to a standing position, but it fits snugly. However, this is easily fixed by picking up longer HDMI or DP cables.

The only problem I had was that the thick metal frame around the bottom of the desk made it impossible to attach my monitor bracket, so I had to go back to the large desktop mounts that came with them. As you can see above, there is plenty of room for two monitors, but the third one will be cramped.

I’m far from an expert in cabling, and the cable tray on the table makes it easy to tuck and hide everything. Despite the fact that there are cables hanging next to the legs, you will not find that they interfere with you.

The built-in wireless charger is especially valuable as I can charge my phone without a cable or a separate wireless charger, but there are USB-A and USB-C ports if you need them. There is also a wide drawer in the front of the desk. and although its depth is only five centimeters, you will be able to place a laptop, notebooks, stationery or anything else that you may want to keep on hand.

Should I buy Flexispot Q8?

Although the table itself is almost flawless, the price can be a stumbling block for many. If you are new to working with standing tables, then its price of $ 800 does not allow you to recommend it to an ordinary user. But if you are a long-time desktop user and are looking for something spacious and durable with convenient features such as memory presets and built-in wireless charging, then most likely this desk is for you.

Its $800 price is definitely higher, but the plus is that it comes with everything you need. The desktop is already installed, the wiring is done for you, and there is no need to buy an additional tray for laying cables. However, a monitor bracket is not recommended, so it may be difficult for you to find a place for more than two monitors.

The Flexispot Q8 rack is certainly designed (and appreciated) for enthusiasts, so if this is your first experience using tables for sitting and standing work, you might be better off choosing something cheaper, such as the Flexispot Pro Plus E7 stand-up table. But, like the table itself, there are very few disadvantages in this, and it will be convenient to work from home if you get up for work or sit down to play.


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