FLETCHER’s The S (ex) Tapes EP arrives a week early


“THE S (EX) TAPES” was supposed to reach the ears of fans only on the 18th, but FLETCHER decided to leak the EP itself before! Shortly after tweeting “it would be so fletcher if the s (ex) tapes leaked”, the American singer surprised the audience by releasing her new material. Previously, tracks like “Bitter”, “If I Hated You”, “Feel” and “The One” had already been released by FLETCHER.

In addition, photos, videos and audios with his ex-girlfriend Shannon Beveridge – who produced the official clips and promotional images – were posted on FLETCHER’s official website. This Wednesday morning, 9, the singer added some fans to her ‘best friends’ on Instagram and released exclusive content to publicize the EP.

In a recent interview with Febre, FLETCHER said that it was difficult to write songs for “THE S (EX) TAPES” because it was a very recent relationship. Although fletchfam knows most of the songs on the EP, “Silence”, “Shh … Don’t Say It” and “Sex (With My Ex)” were heard for the first time.

Among them, “Shh… Don’t Say It” won an official clip following previous releases, with the exception of “Feel” which only won an exciting cappella version. Check out the new FLETCHER material:

It’s the boss! FLETCHER said that Brazil will be the first country she will visit after the pandemic. Will we have her here soon?



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