Flat Worldists React to Stars Not Appearing in the World Photo Shared by the Astronaut


The fact that the stars are not visible in a Earth photo shared by NASA astronaut Doug Hurley has attracted the reaction of the flat Earthmen. The conspiracy theorists who proved that the stars do not appear in the photo as proof that the photo is a photoshop product, claimed that NASA was lying.

Doug Hurley, who continues his position at the International Space Station as an astronaut affiliated with NASA, shared a new photo on his Twitter account. The photograph shared by Hurley with the statement “I never get tired of watching this view in orbiting nights” contained a unique view of the World taken from ISP.

The photo provided a unique sight for space enthusiasts and left an open door for conspiracy theorists. No star was visible in the photograph shared by Hurley, and straight world theorists have set out from this detail that Hurley is lying to his followers that the photograph is actually a photoshop product.

The responses to the tweet with over 45 thousand likes and 550 replies were generally positive. Despite this, some cracked noises have not come out. When we click on the answers to the tweet, a “Where are the stars?” We see that there is the question (where are the stars?). As we go down, we can see more answers that the stars are not visible and the photo is actually a photoshop product.

Really, where are the stars?

Since our eyes are advanced biological systems, we can easily see some bright stars at night even in lots of light. However, cameras are much more primitive systems in terms of ‘imaging’ than our eyes. Therefore, when a bright object enters the frame at night, your cameras cannot display the stars.

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