Flat stomach: Angelina Pannek shows her body after giving birth!


Angelina Pannek (30) tells the news after giving birth! A few weeks ago, the influencer and her husband Sebbastian Pannek (36) became parents for the second time: the ex-bachelor candidate gave birth to a girl. The couple already have a two-year-old son. Meanwhile, the mother of two regularly tells her fans news from her daily life. So, Angelina presented her postpartum body!

Angelina posted a picture of herself posing in a black tight-fitting dress. “This is the current status in a few weeks. I can tell you: this time the stomach retreated a little slower than after the first pregnancy,” the 30—year-old woman said in her Instagram story. But it’s okay–after all, she doesn’t have time.

Angelina’s community was very impressed that she got back into shape so quickly. “I can’t believe you gave birth a few weeks ago” or: “Wow! Didn’t you just give birth to your second child? I’m impressed,” her subscribers admired, among other things.



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