Flash’s Boss Reveals His hope for Barry and Iris before the series Ends


A month ago, the season 8 finale of “The Flash” featured a huge “Reverse Flash” twist and other highlights, and while season 9 of “The Flash” is on its way, it won’t air on the CW until 2023. It’s unclear at the moment. will the ninth season be the last in the adventures of Barry Allen, his friends and family, and will this DC TV show be able to last up to ten seasons. In any case, showrunner Eric Wallace hopes to achieve certain goals before The Flash ends, including Barry and Iris West-Allen conceiving at least one of their children.

Future versions of Barry and Iris’ children, Nora and Bart, have been factored into the Flash myths since an earlier version of Jessica Parker Kennedy’s Nora West-Allen was introduced in season 4. Due to the fact that their ages are mentioned at certain points in the running series, we know that Nora was born around 2023, and Jordan Fisher’s Bart will appear seven years later. So, as to whether at least Nora will be conceived before The Flash ends, if not Bart too, Eric Wallance just said:

I hope so!

I very much doubt that the “Flash” will still continue (excuse the pun) until 2030, which will take us to about 16 seasons, since even “Supernatural” has not reached that number. So, if there is no flash memory for half a century ahead, it is unlikely that Bart’s conception, let alone his birth, will be affected in the “Flash”. Nora, on the other hand, is a completely different story, because if there is no retconing, she should be born next year! Of course, the fact that the 9th season of “Flash” will not be aired until 2023 does not mean that the events of the season cannot begin at least in 2022, but nevertheless we are approaching the moment when this problem needs to be solved.

However, as Eric Wallace added in his chat with TV Line, since he doesn’t know when The Flash will end, he should always act as if this TV journey could end at any moment, which affects how he deals with storylines. According to him:

I do not know how much time I have. I always have to write as if it’s the last season, but I hope it’s not. I’ve been in this position for two years — since the end of season 7 when we [WestAllen] renewed our vows – and now I’m in the same position. So let’s just call it a “friendly challenge” for me and the writers.

Given that “Batwoman” and “Legends of Tomorrow” were canceled earlier this year, as well as the discovery that Superman and Lois were set on another Earth, this makes “The Flash” the only CW series still set in the main Arrowverse continuity. Some teasers have been prepared for season 9, such as the return of the villain of Season 6, Bloodwork, as well as the Season 8 finale, which sets up things like Cecile’s telekinesis, and a mysterious blue crystal shown in the lab in 2049, potentially setting up the Arrowverse. the debut of cobalt blue. However, for the most part, season 9 is shrouded in mystery, and if it’s similar to the last few seasons, Eric Wallace and everyone else working on the series will only have about 18-20 episodes to tell their story. So while Eric is hoping to add the concept of a Burrow to the mix, don’t think it’s guaranteed.

As we get closer to the premiere of season 9 of The Flash, CinemaBlend will be reporting any important news about what’s coming in this upcoming episode series. Fortunately, there is a lot of upcoming content for small screens in our TV schedule for 2022 in the coming months.


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