Flashback: game scenes show more action moments


During the broadcast of the third episode of Housecast, developer Housemarque released a series of new gameplay scenes for Returnal, presenting a little more of the action and exploration in the game.

According to Harry Krueger, creator of Returnal, the title rescues classic elements from old arcade games, mixing arcade, platform and shooter mechanics, but aimed at new generation engines. The director of Housemarque also commented on the challenges of adapting distinct and asynchronous genres to the third person style, stating that “ambition” and “boldness” were the main factors to reinvent the project.

All these characteristics become clearer in the gameplay scenes presented in the episode of the studio podcast, which show the protagonist Selene fighting supernatural creatures and dodging waves of shots very similar to those introduced in Nex Machina and Resogun, with many effects and lights . At other times, the space explorer jumps across platforms and uses a kind of hook to reach higher places.

In order to establish so many gender variations, Returnal should count on the help of DualSense’s adaptive triggers and haptic feedback to further increase immersion, making the player feel the speed of movement, the rate of fire, the jumps between terrains, atmospheric variations and much more.

Returnal will be released on March 19 for the PS5.


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