Flash introduces Captain Boomerang as the villain of Season 9, but with a twist


Longtime Arrowverse fans remember that in the second half of the first crossover between “Arrow” and “Flash” at the end of 2014, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) teamed up to fight George “Digger” Darkness, also known as Captain Boomerang, a former ASIS agent. and a member of the ARGUS suicide squad, played by Spartacus, and Nick E. Tarabai from Stargirl. Harkness reappeared at the end of season 5 of Arrow, and it became known that Captain Boomerang would cause problems in season 9 of The Flash. However, this time another person goes by this nickname of the supervillain.

Richard Harmon, perhaps best known for playing John Murphy in another CW series, The Hundred, was cast as Owen Mercer, the incarnation of Captain Boomerang in the latest season of The Flash. According to the description provided by Deadline, Owen from Harmon “was recently released from Iron Heights with a chip on his shoulder. But the gleam in his eyes masks a dangerous and violent threat to Central City.” Harmon’s other major works include Murder, Continuum, Bates Motel, and Van Helsing.

Owen Mercer was introduced in the pages of Identity Crisis #3 of 2004 as the son of a Digger of Darkness, although I doubt that the family connection with him will remain in The Flash, given that Richard Harmon and Nick E. Tarabi are not so far apart in age. . Owen took his father’s place in the Outlaws supervillain team as the new Boomerang captain and, like Digger, was part of the suicide squad for a while. Owen was eventually killed by the Digger version of the Black Lanterns during the “Blackest Night” event, and after the resurrection of the original Captain Boomerang and the reboot of New 52, Owen did not appear in the comics anymore.

Digger Harkness, played by Nick E. Tarabey, died in the finale of the 5th season of “Arrow”, so it is unclear whether Owen Mercer in “Crisis on Infinite Earths” had any relationship with the deceased mercenary or he just took the captain. Boomerang’s identity because he was no longer in use and combined well with his own set of deadly skills with these unique projectiles. In any case, Owen Mercer is now the second villain confirmed to appear in season 9 of The Flash, as we will also be reuniting with Ramsey Rosso from Sendhil Ramamoorthy, also known as Bloodwork, who has not appeared since season 6. While the main antagonist of season 9 has not yet been revealed, after the epic battle of Barry Allen and Eobard Tone in the Season 8 finale in 2049, a mysterious blue crystal was shown in the laboratory, possibly teasing that Cobalt Blue would fulfill this role.


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