Flash finally has a super-pet (and he’s strangely perfect)


Warning! Spoilers Ahead for Batman: Urban Legends #16

In this latest installment of Batman: Urban Legends, the Dark Knight gives Flash his own super pet, which, oddly enough, is perfect for the fastest living person. While heroes like Batman and Superman have had dogs all the time in the comics (Crypto and Ace), Flash’s status as a pet owner has been a bit more ambiguous in various DC sequences. However, his new pet is a wonderful tribute to the companion animal he once had in the Golden Age of the District of Columbia.

In the Batman: Urban Legends series, Batman’s Hounded dog Ace forms a new Legion of super pets to rescue Batman, who has been captured by the Russian mafia. Written by Mark Russell with artist Carl Mostert, Ace ended up in an illegal nursery and laboratory that specialized in creating animal bodyguards for criminals and supervillains. Thus, Bat-Hound meets a chicken with improved cognitive abilities, capable of limited speech, a pickpocket squirrel and a massive bear named Ursa. After breaking out of the cages and freeing these abused animals, they all join Ace in his mission to save Batman. However, Batman’s dog also saves what must be the fastest living turtle (she was forced to run for her life on a treadmill with a chopper at the end).

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After the Legion of Super Pets’ adventure to rescue Batman in Urban Legends #16, Bruce Wayne helps Ace find new homes for the Bat-Hound’s animal allies. Naturally, Batman calls Flash to find out if he’s interested in taking the super-fast turtle home as his pet. Despite not being named, it seems that this turtle is a more down-to-earth version of Merton Mcsnartle, the Flash’s speedster turtle from DC’s Golden Age. The result is a perfect match between the fastest man and the fastest turtle in the world.

While Merton McsNartle does not appear in current comics as often as her fellow super-pets (even Damian Wayne’s Bat Cow attracted more attention), she had time to shine in other media. For example, in the Flash TV show on the CW channel, Barry Allen received a pet turtle named Merton as a housewarming gift, and Natasha Lyonne will voice Merton in the animated film League of Super Pets (which, apparently, is able to connect to the Power of Speed). like her colleague from the Golden Age).

Anyway, The Flash had a strangely fast turtle as a pet, now it’s part of DC continuity again. So it would be a lot of fun to see this particular super pet in the future. Perhaps in a series of sequels for this new version of the DC team consisting only of animals? We hope that Batman: Urban Legends won’t be the last thing fans will see of Merton Mcsnartle, the super-fast turtle.