Flash Fan Art Introduces Dylan O’Brien replacing Ezra Miller as Barry Allen


Recently, Warner Bros. He is engaged in his own DC projects, the action of which takes place both inside and outside the main DCEU. One of the most anticipated upcoming DC films is Andy Muschetti’s The Flash, starring Ezra Miller. Although the 29-year-old actor has been involved in a number of recent controversies, fans are wondering if the studio will eventually take the role of the Scarlet Speedster. And some Flash fan art depicts Dylan O’Brien replacing Miller as Barry Allen.

Ezra Miller has made headlines over the past few months because of his behavior in Hawaii. During this time, the star of “Fantastic Beasts” was arrested several times, which raised questions about their possible future in the DCEU and their role in The Flash. While Warner Bros. initially, she denied reports of distancing herself from Miller, new wild stories continue to appear on the network. Several names have been suggested as possible replacements for the role, and an epic fan art on Instagram portrays Dylan O’Brien as a DC hero.

Rumors aside, there’s no denying that Dylan O’Brien would look amazing as The Flash. And given the combat experience he has gained in projects such as “The Maze Runner” and “The Wolf Cub,” the 30-year-old actor seems like an excellent choice. But we just need to see if Warner Bros. is really will remove Ezra Miller from this role. After all, they’ve been involved in the DCEU since appearing in the Batman v Superman movie.

The image above came to us from the Instagram of a digital artist known under the pseudonym Clements.Ink. They have over 12,000 subscribers on the social media platform thanks to epic fan art with iconography from both DC and Marvel superheroes. And as Ezra Miller continues to make a fuss, there will probably be more fan art about their possible replacement in the near future.

As mentioned earlier, Ezra Miller has recently been arrested several times in Hawaii on charges of hooliganism and assault. The couple also filed a restraining order against the actor, which was reportedly overturned. The network also posted footage of Miller’s arrest, as well as footage of their conflicts with employees in various bars.

More recently, Ezra Miller has hit the headlines again because of his relationship with a teenager named Tokata Iron Eyes. Iron Eye’s parents claimed that Miller was courting a young activist and encouraging her to drop out of school. And although they tried to hand Miller legal documents, the actor’s whereabouts are currently unknown.

While the people at Warner Bros. Initially denied that there were emergency meetings about Ezra Miller’s role in the studio franchise, wild reports continue to arrive. So maybe the studio will change its tune? Although it will be difficult to remove Miller from The Flash, since the upcoming blockbuster has already been filmed. As for their role in the Fantastic Beasts franchise, it is currently unclear whether the last two films will be made.

The next part of the DCEU — “Black Adam” — will be released on October 21. In the meantime, check out the movie’s release dates in 2022 to plan your next movie.