Flash Confirms Big Bad’s Past and Other Rumors About Arrowverse’s Return in Season 9


The last stage of the Flash race is about to begin. After premiering in September 2014, following the appearance of Barry Allen Grant Gustin in the second season of “Arrow”, the CW series “Scarlet Speedster” returns with the ninth and final season consisting of only 13 episodes. While fans remain in the dark about the plot of season 9, several casting announcements have been made over the past few months, and today it became known that three rumored characters from the Arrow universe will indeed appear, including the big villain from the series. the first part of season 6.

Those of you who read the six-issue DC Comics “Earth-Prime” series last year will remember that it ended with a teaser that Ramsey Rosso, aka Bloodwork, will appear in season 9 of The Flash. Of course, this was announced (after the deadline) That Sendhil Ramamoorthy will guest star in the ninth episode of Season 9. David Ramsey as John Diggle and Keinan Lonsdale as Wally West, also known as Kid Flash, will also return in the same episode. Since Diggle has already made 10 guest appearances in The Flash, and Wally was an important character in previous seasons of the show, fans assumed that they would be included in season 9, and now we know for sure that this is happening simultaneously with the return. Blood.

Ramsey Rosso was the villain in the opening arc of season 6 of The Flash (that is, in the episodes preceding Crisis on Infinite Earths), and his efforts to prevent death resulted in him receiving hemokinesis, the ability to control and manipulate blood. After being defeated in “Barry Allen’s Last Temptation, Pt. 2”, Bloodwork was imprisoned by A.R.G.U.S. and was last seen in “Liberation” when he gave a sample of his special blood to Eva McCulloch’s mirror minions, but refused their offer to release him from custody. because he was playing the “long game”. The Bloodwork was then seen in the Earth-Prime comic book series when it was moved to 2049 to cause problems, and after the main story was completed, it was shown in the present day that it was not returned to its A.R.G.U.S. cell, which means it is still on freedom.

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