Flare Networks Meets Stellar (XLM)


Flare Networks will bring XLM, Stellar’s own cryptocurrency, to Flare users. XLM will start to take its place in the Flare world with F-asset technology.

Flare Networks, which organizes airdrops for Ripple (XRP), announced that it will connect the Stellar network with its own ecosystem. Stellar’s own coin, XLM, can be used in ‘scalable’ smart contracts as a result of this development. Users generally welcomed the announcement.

XLM will enter the Flare ecosystem as F-asset. The F-asset protocol of the Flare network ensures that any cryptocurrency becomes a smart contract asset. Thus, crypto coins turn into F-asset and become a part of the decentralized ecosystem.

XLM won twice

Again, the Flare community decided which cryptocurrency to add to the Flare ecosystem. XLM won in both polls for this.

In the survey conducted by the Flare community on January 19, there were options for Bitcoin, XLM and BCH. XLM gained 59.3% in the survey with the rigidity of 7,29 people. Flare Networks then asked users to choose between BCH, BSV, and XLM. 6 thousand 475 people participated in the survey conducted on January 22, and XLM came in first with a rate of 81.4%.

In the news of U.today, it is stated that Flare Networks may be a rival to Ethereum. With the race between Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum, a new competitive environment may emerge.

Flare network expands

Flare Networks announced on January 8th that it will integrate with Litecoin (LTC). Thus, LTC will be added to the network as F-asset and can be used “safely” in the network. At the same time, Flare was not limited to Litecoin and conducted a survey on Twitter for Dogecoin. Of the 11 thousand 546 votes, 53.1% said yes for DOGE to be added to the network. A week later, Flare announced that it would integrate with the network Dogecoin (DOGE).


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