Flagship mirrorless camera: Nikon Z9 announced


Nikon announced the development of the Z9, the highest technology mirrorless camera to date and its first camera in the Z-Mount line, which it describes as the company’s flagship. Although there are not too many details about the newly developed camera, Nikon promises that the camera will deliver “the best photo and video performance in Nikon history” after its release.

The new flagship camera will be on the market in 2021

As can be seen from the single image released for the new camera, the Nikon Z9 seems to have built-in vertical grip between the full-frame DSLR, unlike the current mirrorless Z7 and the D6. Nikon states that the Z9 uses a newly developed full-frame sensor and a new image processing engine with 8K video support.

In the announcement about the company Z9; “Besides the new image processing engine, there are various other video features that meet various needs and workflows,” he said.

He didn’t provide any more details, except Nikon said the Z9 will be released in 2021. It is also alleged that the company tends to announce the development of its state-of-the-art cameras with launches a few months later.


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